Kevin Hart Takes Jason Sudeikis Jousting For ‘What The Fit’

Kevin Hart has just released a new episode of his YouTube series “What the Fit”, which the comedian describes as “a show where I basically go and I get my friends to do things they normally wouldn’t,” surrounding some sort of physical fitness activity.

In the latest episode, Hart is joined by pal Jason Sudeikis, and he has something particularly unique in mind for the “Saturday Night Live” alum: medieval jousting.

Things get off to a wacky start when Hart pulls up in his car to pick up Sudeikis — who’s decked out in a full suit of armour, a sight that causes Hart to collapse into a fit of laughter.

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“You look like the Tin Man,” jokes the laughing star as Sudeikis struggles to get his armoured self into the vehicle.

The next stop: a Los Angeles-area Medieval Times theme restaurant, where they’re outfitted in era-appropriate costumes and gear, then sent out onto the battlefield where they’re taught “how to kill and how to die” — or at least how to pretend to do it convincingly.

It’s not Hart and Sudeikis who do the jousting, however, and they discover they’ll be the targets of a knight on horseback who will ride past them and attempt to strike them with his lance — which, in Hart’s case, disintegrates into toothpicks upon impact with his shield.

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The episode culminates with the duo demonstrating what they’ve learned in front of an audience during one of the restaurant’s signature shows; you can see how well they do in the video above.

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