IMDb Tallies Up Some Shocking And Surprising Numerical Facts About ‘Game Of Thrones’

With the season premiere of “Game of Thrones” coming on Sunday, IMDb is marking the occasion with a special “GoT” edition of its “By the Numbers” series, tallying up an array of number-based trivia from the show that’s sure to surprise even the most hardcore fan.

For example, have you ever wondered how many people have planted their butts on the Iron Throne during the course of the show? IMDb has the answer, as well as counting how many “pieces of male genitalia have been cut off” during the course of the show’s first seven seasons.

One number that’s sure to shock is the sheer volume of killing that’s taken place on the show. According to IMDb, “Game of Thrones” has featured a staggering 1,211 onscreen human deaths — a number that’s sure to climb significantly by the series’ end (and doesn’t count the 100,000 Wildlings who were killed at the Battle of Hardhome and then resurrected as undead soldiers in the Night King’s army).

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These killings include 12 executions by beheading, 51 deaths by poison and 83 deaths by dragon fire — the latter of which, IMDB admits, is a rough estimate.

Also tallied up are repeated catchphrases such “the King in the North,” which been uttered 88 times, while Hodor uttered his own name 101 times.

For more “GoT” numbers, check out the video above.

“Game of Thones” returns with its final season on Sunday, April 14.

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