Kacey Musgraves Irked When Coachella Crowd Messes Up Their ‘Yee-Haw’

When it comes to audience participation, the Coachella audience gets a big fat F.

During Kacey Musgraves’ performance on Friday, the Grammy-winning “Slow Burn” singer attempted to enlist the audience’s help for a call-and-response, that tried-and-true concert gimmick where a performer says one part of a phrase and the audience completes it.

While it seems simple, the audience at the country singer’s concert completely botched her attempt to have them complete a “yee-haw.”

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“When I say, ‘yee,’ you say, ‘haw!'” she shouted to the crowd, holding her microphone out to the audience.

While the first round seemed to work, the entire audience jumped in too quickly, yelling “haw!” in unison before she could get in her “yee.”

This appeared to miff Musgraves, who admonished the crowd while dropping an F-bomb.

“I didn’t say f**king ‘yee,'” she quipped.

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Here’s how Twitter responded once the clip of the Coachella fail went viral:

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Spotted At Coachella 2019

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