Chrissy Teigen felt the wrath of “Game of Thrones” fans on Sunday night when she dared to talk during the final season premiere.

The “Lip Sync Battle” host’s husband, John Legend, was trying to watch the hit fantasy-drama in peace and became so distracted by his wife’s constant questions that he kicked her out of his viewing party.

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Teigen shared a video on Twitter, stating that she was “locked out” because she “talked too much.” However, with the help of a pair of scissors, the sneaky supermodel managed to pick the lock and break back into the room.

In another video, Teigen is seen standing in front of the TV screen asking, “What’s the deal with Jon Snow? Seriously!” Meanwhile, Legend and his fellow guests can be heard booing her off stage.

Many “GoT” fans responded with sympathy for Legend, saying that they would have kicked her out too, with one person jokingly claiming it’s “grounds for divorce.”

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Teigen replied with a message to those fans, stating that she one day hopes to find something that makes her as excited as fans are over a show about dragons and ice-zombies.

She later added that the only shows to come close to that feeling for her are “Homeland” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Oh, and anything on the Bravo network.