Billie Eilish is a self-confessed Justin Bieber fanatic, so, when she met the singer this weekend at Coachella, it was a genuine “dream come true” moment.

Riding the wave of success of her No. 1 album When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?, the 17-year-old pop star took the stage on Sunday for her first Coachella performance, where Orlando Bloom and other high-profile guests watched in the crowd.

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Bieber was also in the audience and was so impressed by Eilish’s set that he tweeted her:

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the pair were later captured on camera meeting for the first time during Ariana Grande’s headline set.

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Fans took to social media to upload footage of the sweet encounter, which shows Eilish and Bieber sharing a hug.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last month, Eilish talked about her love for the “What Do You Mean?” singer and revealed that he once sent her a screenshot of a DM she had sent him back in 2014.

“You know how when you follow somebody, you can see everything they DM’d you in the past? It felt good and it felt bad at the same time,” she said. “It started when I was, like, 12, I believe.

“He’s amazing. He’s so sweet and, like, I feel – just, honestly, I feel for him, man. He’s been through a lot, dude.”