‘The Perfection’ Trailer With Allison Williams Delivers Squirmy, Unsettling Horror To Netflix

The first look at Netflix’s unsettling new horror movie “The Perfection” will make your skin crawl.

A hit with fans and critics when it premiered at Fantastic Fest in 2018, “The Perfection” stars Allison Williams as musical prodigy Charlotte who seeks out Elizabeth (Logan Browning), the new star pupil at her former music school. Together, the two women go down a “sinister path with shocking consequences,” according to the Netflix synopsis. Judging from this trailer, those “consequences” might involve having bugs in places they shouldn’t be – like under your skin.

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While it doesn’t give much away in terms of the film’s plot, it oozes in atmosphere, giving off creepy, crawly vibes that are sure to give audiences a wild genre-bending ride.

Directed by Richard Sheperd (“Dom Homingway”), “The Perfection” will arrive on Netflix on May 24.

Watch the trailer below. (Caution: Language and content may offend some).


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