Justin Bieber is giving his side of the story after being sued for clipping a photographer with his Dodge Ram truck.

William Wilson is accusing Bieber of negligence in a car accident dating back to 2017, according to The Blast. Bieber, now 25, was pulling out of the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles when he allegedly hit Wilson, who was standing near the passenger side of the vehicle.

Wilson is said to have suffered minor injuries. Bieber reportedly stepped out of the vehicle to check on the man. He stayed with the alleged victim until medical professionals and local authorities arrived.

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Bieber reportedly “told a group of photographers how difficult it was driving with everyone crowding around his car firing off cameras,” per the publication. Beverly Hills Police Department officials said Bieber “fully co-operated with officers” and was not charged with any crime.

The plaintiff claims he suffered permanent disability and emotional damages. He is seeking unspecified damages relating to the incident. Wilson’s lawyer Minh T. Nguyen elaborated on the allegations in a press release obtained by ET Canada.

“The front right wheel of the truck struck Mr. Wilson’s right knee, causing a meniscus tear and contusion of his ankle,” the press release wrote. “Mr. Wilson underwent right knee arthroscopic meniscectomy to repair a tear in his meniscus and damage to his knee cap… the injuries have hampered Mr. Wilson’s ability to return to work and support his daughter.”

Wilson has been in quiet settlement negotiations with Bieber’s insurance company, United Financial Casualty Company, but “those settlement discussions did not lead to a resolution.”

“In California, the law does not permit an injured party to name the insurance company even though the insurance company has all the power and rights to decide how much to settle,” the statement explained. “The insurance company gets to hide behind the celebrity status of Mr. Bieber to lowball Mr. Wilson, believing that jurors will be sympathetic to Mr. Bieber…”

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The press release assures “Mr. Wilson has no ill-will towards Mr. Bieber” and “understands it was not Mr. Bieber’s decision to not resolve his claim fairly and fully. Mr. Wilson does not want to sue Mr. Bieber but he has no choice,” the attorney asserted.

Bieber responded to the lawsuit in court documents obtained by TMZ. The singer reportedly said the incident was caused by the photographer’s negligence and the negligence of other photographers taking flash shots of Bieber.

Bieber was attending a service held at the celebrity-filled Hillsong Church when the alleged accident occurred.