CBS has an explanation for the controversy surrounding “The Good Fight”.

The show’s official Twitter account posted a screenshot of a list from “The Good Fight” episode titled “The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance”. The list included “target words” topped by these three: “ASSASSINATE”, “PRESIDENT”, and “TRUMP”.

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Twitter/The Good Fight
Twitter/The Good Fight

“The Good Fight” Twitter account asked fans to spot an easter egg. CBS insists the easter egg was not a threat to the incumbent president of the United States.

“A social media post for ‘The Good Fight’ displayed show content that, when presented in isolation, outside of the context of the show, created an impression and provoked a reaction that was not intended,” CBS said in its statement published by IndieWire.

“The tweet showed a screengrab from the show’s fictional NSA office, including a list of standalone ‘target words’ the series’ NSA characters should look out for while conducting anonymous wiretaps in an effort to protect the President and the public,” the statement continued. “However, the tweet was regrettably posted without that context, in an effort to direct fans to find an ‘Easter Egg’ clue, in reference to a past character on ‘The Good Wife’, Kalinda, listed in the second column of the list, and the fact that the NSA is still monitoring her in the fictional world of the show.”

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“The post was perceived very differently than the intended result and has since been removed,” the statement concluded.

“The Good Fight” is a spinoff of “The Good Wife”.