Trevor Noah Takes Over ‘Late Show’ Desk To Interview Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert had the tables turned on him.

On Global’s “The Late Show” on Monday, guest Trevor Noah got behind the host’s desk while Colbert sat on the couch to be interviewed.

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At one point Noah joked that the couch contained all the germs from Colbert’s previous guests, like Jennifer Lopez.

“I’ve never had J.Lo. She’s never been on here,” Colbert said. “I wouldn’t joke about that, Trevor. Have you had J.Lo on your show?”

“Twice,” Noah replied.

“F**k you,” Colbert shot back jokingly. “That doesn’t bother me at all.”

Noah also asked if Colbert ever had a moment of doubt when he stepped into David Letterman’s shoes on “The Late Show”.

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“I thought that this was one of the most agonizing things I’d ever done. I thought about that,” Colbert admitted. “I never thought about stopping.”

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