Fifth Harmony’s newest video has been getting quite a bit of attention- sweaty, sexy men at work tend to do that!

While shooting the video featuring models as construction workers, the ladies of the group admit they’re big fans of the video too.

“We were very distracted. We had some real men in there, you know, oiled down with some muscles,”; says Dinah-Jane Hansen.

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“Work From Home”; is the lead single off Fifth Harmony’s second album, “7/27″.

“I think that this (album) is definitely more laid back and more calm, more chill, more mature, more sophisticated,”; says Normani Hamilton.

And that pretty much sums up the group’s look and style, which ET Canada got to see up close and personal when it got an exclusive invite to chat with Fifth Harmony at a photo shoot for Fashion magazine’s summer issue.

The girl group has been in perfect harmony since being formed on the “X Factor”; USA in 2012 after they were eliminated as soloists.

“I love being in a group and having four people who genuinely understand what I’m going through first hand to help me get through a lot of the stuff that we go through,”; says Lauren Jauregui.

“7/27″ will be released May 20.