Leafs Fan Has Flawlessly Inserted Himself Into A Legendary ‘Devils’ Scene From ‘Seinfeld’

Blue and White day, in recognition of the Toronto Maple Leafs latest playoff run, was taken to a whole new level by a Brantford man who celebrated by inserting himself into an iconic “Seinfeld episode.

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Domenic Nardone, a former graphic designer and now a film editor, became a Leafs’ version of ‘Puddy’ in his latest YouTube creation called “Go Leafs Go.” The video clip sees Nardone transpose himself over a “Seinfeld” legend originally portrayed by actor Patrick Warburton.


“I’m a huge “Seinfeld” fan and I’m a huge Leaf fan, now. So I thought I would marry the two together,” said Nardone who talked with Global News Radio’s Kelly Cutrara about his project.

“The whole thing took me about three months from filming to final edit much to my wife’s chagrin.  I spent a lot of time behind a computer.”

Nardone said he couldn’t pinpoint the exact time he came up with the idea, but says it likely hit him the last time he saw the memorable “Seinfeld” episode “The Face Painter.”

That episode was the 23rd in the sixth season of “Seinfeld” which originally aired in 1995. The plot revolved around the main cast and Elaine’s then-boyfriend David Puddy going to a Stanley Cup playoff game between the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers.

The character, now known in “Seinfeld” folklore simply as ‘Puddy,’ painted a devil-like face for the game. This upset Elaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) who demanded he stop or she would break up with him.

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Nardone says the effect which substituted Puddy for himself was achieved with simple pieces of green screen he put together from green cloth which created a transparent background.

“That day that I painted my face,…. actually we had that big huge ice storm, so I had quite a bit of time.” said Nardone who claims he did the whole video in the confines of his rec room at home.

The voice double for Elaine in the video was Nardone’s wife.

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