Jason Tartick Defends Girlfriend Katilyn Bristowe’s Right To Speak Her Mind

Jason Tartick will always stick by girlfriend Kaitlyn Bristowe.

On Monday, Bristowe ended her “Spring Break” tour, and while Tartick wasn’t able to be there, he marked the occasion with a series of videos posted to his Instagram account.

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“I just want to congratulate her on an unbelievable tour,” he said, according to Us Weekly. “She is a leader amongst her peers. While facing adversity and having support, but facing haters, she stays true to herself. And let me tell you, she empowers women all over the world. … She creates a safe zone … of unorthodox behaviour.”

Tartick continued, defending Bristowe for speaking her mind, even when it raises eyebrows.

“We all experience embarrassing moments every day and… we hide from them. We run from them. Kaitlyn empowers people to own it; be true to it. Be true to yourself,” he said. “And while you create a polarizing opinion, you also create people who dislike you or hate you for it. And I give her all the credit for pushing through [and] empowering all the people she does.”

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Earlier this month, Bristowe candidly shared details about the first time she hooked up with her former “Bachelorette” castmate.

“In five minutes, he picked my nose and gave me an orgasm,” she revealed on her ‘Off the Vine’ podcast. “So yeah, it was good. I mean, dry humping will get you if it’s been a while.”

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