Kate Beckinsale Talks To Jimmy Fallon About Re-Enacting A Scene From ‘Serendipity’ In A Toronto Elevator

Kate Beckinsale had a serious flashback to one of her old films when she was in Toronto last fall.

As she explained to Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday, the actress was in the city for the Toronto International Film Festival when she stepped into a hotel elevator and immediately recognized it.

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It turned out the elevator was the site of a scene she shot for the film 2001 film “Serendipity” co-starring John Cusack.

Immediately, Beckinsale got the idea to re-enact the scene with a hotel staff member and posted it on Instagram.

“John Cusack should watch out, because he did a good job,” Beckinsale said of the hesitant staff member she roped into recreating the scene with her.

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Also on the show, Beckinsale and Fallon played a game of “Can You Feel It?”, in which they had to identify mystery objects just by touching them.

Mysterious objects included Peeps, earthworms in dirt, and even a bare foot.



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