Lily Tomlin Tells Ellen About Dancing With Andy Warhol And Eating Rubber Objects

Lily Tomlin is living a good, long life but she doesn’t remember everything that’s happened over the years.

Appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday, Tomlin is asked if she ever got to meet the artist Andy Warhol.

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Based on some paparazzi photos of her dancing with Warhol, it looks like she did — only she doesn’t remember doing so.

“I have no recollection,” Tomlin says. “I have no remembrance whatever.”

Tomlin also tells DeGeneres about her strange fascination with rubber, which is what got her a role on “Laugh-In” 50 years ago.

“They saw me on ‘Merv Griffin’,” she recalls, “I did an old rubber freak monologue about eating objects.”

Apparently, some people have followed Tomlin’s lead on that, including a woman on YouTube whom she says eats objects made from foam and rubber.

“She prefers the yellow foam,” Tomlin adds.

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Also on the show, DeGeneres has Tomlin play a game of “Will-y Lily Know It?” in which the actress’s knowledge of current youth culture is put to the test against an actual millennial.

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