Chrissy Teigen Insults Laura Ingraham After News Host Mocks Her For Being Included In Time’s ‘Most Influential People’ List

Chrissy Teigen slammed Laura Ingraham on Twitter Wednesday after the Fox News host mocked her for being included on Time’s list of the year’s “100 Most Influential People”.

Ingraham told viewers: “She was chosen according to the profile because, quote: ‘…all her life, Chrissy Teigen has liked to eat. She’s not shy about that — or anything else really.’

“Well, that’s nice and innovative I guess, eating. But did most Americans like her take on female empowerment during last week’s Democrat retreat?”

She then cut to a clip of Teigen saying which word she thinks women should use more often: “F**k you.”

Not being one to take such comments lying down, Teigen called Ingraham a “corny monster” on Twitter.

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She also added, “F**k you.”

The latest drama comes after viewers called for Ingraham to be fired after she seemingly laughed and made sarcastic remarks during Fox News’ coverage of the Nipsey Hussle memorial service.

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