A Secret Twist Sends The Eighth Houseguest Packing From ‘Big Brother Canada’

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” on Global, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….












A Secret Assassin is unleashed, cracks begin to form in the Pretty Boys alliance, and Cory Kennedy becomes the latest houseguest to be evicted in perhaps the first truly satisfying episode of “Big Brother Canada 7”.

Cory’s reign as Head of Household last week was such a monumental failure that it seemed almost impossible to top. In steps Mark Drelich, who for weeks has been promising to make a big move. The 29-year-old Travel Agent even teased sending one of his Pretty Boys alliance members on a one-way trip to the Jury House. Did he follow through? Of course not.

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While he did initially put Adam Pike on the block, it was more an act of petty revenge than it was a strike against power. It only took a couple of conversations with Anthony Douglas and Dane Rupert before Mark was back on board with the boys. While he played up his beef with Adam, the Edmonton-native set his sights on Damien Ketlo and Estefania Hoyos.

The nomination of Este became a point of contention for the Pretty Boys, and finally, we started to see some real tension within the group. Adam and Dane felt that Cory should be the target, given she is a much stronger competitor than both Este and Damien. This suggestion did not go down well with Anthony, who has become extremely close with Cory over the past few weeks.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

There was a great sense of irony in seeing Anthony all het-up about Cory potentially going on the block, especially when he complained to Adam and Dane about going behind the group’s back. He did the exact same thing last week when he plotted the downfall of Samantha Picco unbeknownst to his alliance buddy Adam.

Side-Note: How does nobody realize there is a guys’ alliance when people are constantly walking in on the four of them in intense conversation?

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Anthony managed to “finesse” his way into keeping his puppet Cory off the nomination chairs by weaseling his way into Mark’s mind. He convinced the HOH that keeping Este and Damien in the game only benefits Adam and Dane, which is true to a point, but whatever happened, none of this is ultimately beneficial to Mark and his path to the end.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Unfortunately for Cory, despite Anthony’s campaigning, a surprise twist flips her game upside down. While Marks gets an earful from his two nominees, Adam continues to search aimlessly through the boxes in the archive room. The mysterious room of documents has been a bugbear for the houseguests all season long and thanks to Adam its powers are finally revealed.

The Oil field worker finds a blacklight which helps him uncover numbers for a safe code. After discovering a panel in the wall, Adam enters the code and releases a tape. The recording on the tape reveals that Adam has earned the title of Secret Assassin which allows him to secretly name a third nominee. It doesn’t take a genius to work out who he targets.

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Cory finds herself up on the block courtesy of the Secret Assassin and shockwaves ripple through the house. Este and Damien begin their celebrations early, knowing they’re now staying this week, while Anthony and Cory lick their wounds in the corner. In the Diary Room, Anthony warns the Secret Assassin that he will make their lives so uncomfortable they’ll be begging to leave.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

The Gas inspector continues to air his grievances in a heated chat with his Pretty Boys allies. Adam and Dane basically tell him they’ve wanted Cory out all week and they’re not going to waste the opportunity. Anthony is clearly rattled by not getting his way for the first time this season and ends up warning Adam, Dane, and Mark that he’s beating them all if they make it to Final 4.

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Meanwhile, Cory realizes her only chance of survival is if she can convince Dane to give her a vote and cause a tie. She promises him loyalty and says she will respect him taking her out at the end, but not now. The Middle school teacher continues this odd line of campaigning in her eviction speech, telling Dane that if he votes her out tonight, he will not get her jury vote.

The cheap threats do little to change Dane’s mind, and he, along with Adam and Kyra Shenker, vote to evict Cory. Only Anthony votes against Este, while Damien, who was Mark’s original target, doesn’t receive a single vote. Another absolute disaster of an HOH week.

In her eviction interview, Cory tells host Arisa Cox that her time in the house was a “whirlwind” but that she wouldn’t change anything. She also says she’s rooting for “her boy” Anthony to take home the win, though that might change after Adam reveals in his goodbye message that he’s been working with her closest ally since Day 1.

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The Pretty Boys domination has made this season a slog for the most part, but things are starting to pick up as we hit the home stretch. The guys continue to keep each other safe and yet the fractures in their alliance are deepening by the day. As the finale draws nearer, things are only going to get more intense from here on out. It’s about time!

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