Fans in Hong Kong were left soaking wet and disappointed on Thursday night when Ed Sheeran was forced to cancel his show due to a lightning storm.

The “Shape of You” hitmaker was set to perform his second concert at Hong Kong Disneyland’s Fantasy Road Outdoor Venue, where 20,000 people were expected to be in attendance.

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While many fans had already arrived at the venue after the gates had opened at 4 pm, a thunderstorm delayed the performance, leaving the concertgoers waiting outside in the rain, though the organizers did hand out free plastic ponchos.

Sheeran took to Instagram to share a message with fans, saying: “Sorry about the delay. It’s out of hands, we have to wait for the lightning to pass for safety reasons. Apologies again.”

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However, with the storm showing no signs of slowing down, eventually, the organizers cancelled the show.

An apologetic Sheeran once again jumped on Instagram to speak directly to his fans. “Hey to everyone in Hong Kong at the show. Sorry about that, it’s literally nothing to do with me. I’m here, all the crew are here. We set up, sound checked, they told us there was a lightning storm.

“That we would wait it out and get to go on stage. The later it got, they kept saying ‘another half an hour and another and another’. Now they’ve pulled the show. I’m so sorry that people have come out and waited in the rain and for no show.”

The “Thinking Out Loud” singer also said “there will obviously be refunds” and promised he will “come back and make this up to you before the year ends.”

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Sheeran previously had to a cancel a show in Hong Kong back in 2017 after he injured his arms due to a bike accident.