Lionel Richie is turning 70 soon, but that’s not holding him back at all.

The legendary singer was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday night and talked about his blessed health.

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“My grandmother lived to be 103, on my mother’s side,” he explained. “And 98 on my father’s side. So I’m just banking on genes.”

Asked if he’s planning on having a big birthday bash, Richie joked, “I’m going to go find a nice corner of the world, turn the light off and sit quietly.”

Richie also shared the story of how he was once pranked by none other than Stevie Wonder.

“I go over to his house, and he says, ‘I got a record I want you to hear’,” Richie recalled. “He pulls a cassette out… and he says, ‘Come go with me in the car.’ He goes to the car, and he goes on the driver’s side.”

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The two got in, and Wonder put on the cassette, started the car and started it going in reverse.

Richie shouted, “Stevie!” and Wonder stopped the car, turned and said, “I got ya.”