Anna Faris Reveals Why She Wasn’t In ‘Scary Movie 5’, And Her Fantasy For A ‘House Bunny’ Sequel

Anna Faris says that she thinks she was “too old” to take part in “Scary Movie 5”.

The 42-year-old actress stopped by “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Thursday where a caller asked her what she thought about Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in the fifth edition of the “Scary Movie” franchise.

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Faris, who rose to prominence after starring in the first four films of the popular spoof series, admitted to not having seen “Scary Movie 5” all the way through.

“You walked out?” Cohen joked.

“Well… truthfully, here’s what I think,” Faris said with an awkward giggle. “I think I was maybe, I dunno, I always joke that I was too old.”

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“You were too old to be in it?” Cohen asked.

“I dunno, they wanted to like, revamp the brand or whatever, but I thought everyone did an amazing job,” Faris added with a sarcastic eye-roll.

Another caller asked the “Mom” star about the chances of a sequel to her 2008 cult comedy favourite “The House Bunny.”

“I would love that,” Faris said. “I love that movie, it’s very dear to my heart… I love it that people still appreciate it, and I have a fantasy of like, I dunno, bringing Shelley (her character) back as a country singer.

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