Once again, Hailey Baldwin Bieber has to clap back at trolls who are mocking her for being “grateful” for the little things in her life.

After sharing three videos on Instagram Stories that said she was thankful for things like enjoying her lunch in the sunshine and was making an effort to be more appreciative of the little things, one person made a snarky remark.

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A fan account complied the videos that said, “Today I’m grateful to be sitting in the sunshine eating lunch…may not seem like the biggest deal but reminding myself how wonderful it is made me smile. Thank you, God for the little things… The smallest things in life will make you happy if you let them.”

One Instagram user responded, writing, “My husband is worth 265 million but it’s the little things that make me happy ha ha ha” referring to Justin Bieber’s successful career.

Baldwin Bieber snapped back, “money doesn’t=happiness. At all.”

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“You can be the wealthiest person in the planet and be miserable. Not fair to judge people’s circumstances from the outside..am I not allowed to be grateful to sit in the sunshine and enjoy my day like a regular person?”

Baldwin Bieber has been a huge support for her husband as he makes his mental health a priority.

“Hailey is able to support Justin in a way that no one else has been able to,” a source told People. “She only comes from a place of love. She doesn’t want anything from him except for him to be able to be the best person and husband. Justin is overwhelmingly grateful for how patient and supportive Hailey is.”