Milo Ventimiglia Constantly Warns People ‘This Is Us’ Is ‘Gonna Make You Cry’

Milo Ventimiglia was expecting more of the same tear-inducing storytelling in the season three finale of “This Is Us”.

Kleenex can probably thank “This Is Us” and NBC for a surge in tissue sales. The actor opened up about Rebecca’s fate in an interview with Hollywood Life. “I was excited for Rebecca,” Ventimiglia said. “She’s gonna see Jack soon, maybe.”

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“My warnings these days are like, ‘It’s gonna make you cry,’ knowing what we’re going to get into this fourth season” he teased. “I’m looking forward to getting back to work!”

The actor also touched on the fate of his own character, Jack. “Of course there’s always going to be some mystery to the show, to the character, to the family. But for me, it was nice when people learned about the circumstances of his death,” he said. “The wild part is, we know his end. We know he dies in his 50s. We met him as a young boy.”

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“So, we’re still getting to know him,” he continued. “But for me, I’m always trying to track where he ends up and be mindful of the choices that I make as an actor, relative to the worlds the writers are creating, to make sure that we’re always in line with where Jack is headed, which we already know.”

The season three finale of “This Is Us” aired April 2.

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