5 Reasons Kimye Works So Well

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are perfect for each other and here are the top five reasons why!


1)      Both Kim and Kanye adore the spotlight, they yearn for it. Any media attention the couple can get, whether together or separate, they love. Kanye uses his stage as an outlet – in December at Revel Ovation Hall during a concert on stage the rapper announced that the two would be expecting their first child. After the concert, Kim’s family took to Twitter to express how excited they were over the news. It seems, any platform the couple can get their hands on to make a statement, they will.

2)      The parents-to-be are well known for being fashion forward. The “It” couple always appear to be red carpet ready , giving “dress to impress” a whole new meaning. Each has a clothing line – Kim founded D-A-S-H with her sisters and Kanye debuted a women’s fashion line at Paris Fashion week last year and is said to be working on another.

3)      Each of them lost a parent while they were in their 20’s.  Kim’s father died in 2003 of cancer, while Kanye’s mother passed away in 2007 due to surgery complications. Opening up about this similarity, Kim told Oprah the experience helps them relate to one another.

4)      The couple’s said they were friends before they began dating. Kim told Oprah they met  “a decade ago and they’ve been friends for six or seven years.” Maybe what they say about forming a friendship first makes for a great relationship really is true in Kimye’s case.

5)      They’re both looking for the kind of love that’s eternal.  Take a listen to some of Kanye’s lyrics and watch Kim in a few interviews! It’s pretty obvious that they’re hopeless romantics. We wish them the best!

– Nathan Bailey



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