Jimmy Fallon Brings Back His Bernie Sanders Impression For ‘Old Town Hall’

With the 2020 election on the horizon, the inevitable political impersonations are coming back.

On “The Tonight Show”, host Jimmy Fallon is putting his impression of Bernie Sanders to good use.

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Sanders/Fallon raps “Old Town Hall” to the tune of “Old Town Road” as he is joined by Tariq (a.k.a. Black Thought) from the Roots.

“I’m gonna talk to voters at the old town hall/ I’m gonna tell ‘em we don’t need no wall/ I’m gonna rant and rave about billionaires/ Ain’t gonna take a break to comb my hair,” part of the song goes.

The song is unfortunately catchy and will leave you singing, “Bernie bros is back/ You would think this is a frat, now/ Got a chance to see/ Mayor Pete’s ID/ We’re both born in ‘83/ But in different centuries.”

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Fallon ends the number by driving off into the sunset on a motorized scooter mixed with a hobby horse.

Check out the clip above to see the whole performance.



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