While promoting their latest film “Money Monster”; at the Cannes Film Festival, George Clooney and Julia Roberts talked with ET Canada’s Natasha Gargiulo about married life and Clooney’s 55th birthday celebration.

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When asked about one of the biggest risks they have ever taken, Roberts and Clooney replied with “marriage.”; Roberts has been married to cinematographer Daniel Moder for the past 14 years and will be celebrating the couple’s anniversary soon. Clooney, meanwhile, has been married to lawyer and activist Amal Clooney for nearly two years. Clooney quips, “I’m coming up on my second — and they said it wouldn’t last.”;

Clooney recently celebrated his 55th birthday on May 6, joking that he commemorated the occasion with “crying and drinking.”;

“I was in the Bahamas with my wife and a couple of friends, and took a little boat ride, and went to a restaurant, and had a great night.”;

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So what did his wife give him as a present?

“We have a beautiful front lawn at our house in England and I used to mow lawns when I was a kid, so she bought me this giant riding lawn mower that is sitting at the house right now and I’m very excited about putting that to work when I’m home.”;

Speaking with ET Canada, Clooney and Roberts also reminisced about their longtime friendship, and Clooney explained the birth of his hip-hop dance moves in a “drunken Vegas restaurant.”;