Jenna Dewan Takes Her Shot At Beyonce’s #BeforeILetGoChallenge

The Bey Hive is giving the “In My Feelings” challenge of 2018 a run for its money!

Earlier this month, Beyonce took to her Instagram Story to share a slew of videos of fans participating in what she calls the #BeforeILetGoChallenge.

Just days after the 37-year-old singer’s documentary, “Homecoming: A Film by Beyonce”, and her album, Homecoming: The Live Album, were released, a viral dance craze erupted. On her album and in the closing credits of her doc, Beyonce covers Frankie Beverly and Maze’s 1981 anthem, “Before I Let Go.” She also performed the song with Destiny’s Child back in 1997.

After Beyonce posted dozens of videos of fans doing the dance, the #BeforeILetGoChallenge quickly took off on social media.

Over the weekend Jenna Dewan got in on the action, posting a video of herself dancing to the song with choreographer James Alsop and a crew of dancers.

Here’s a few of our other faves:

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Credit: @goheadfred and @imfabron #beforeiletgochallenge

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Clearly, Bey is back in a big way! Here’s a look at her “Homecoming” film that shows a side of Beyonce that fans don’t see all too often:

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