While all of Hollywood may be speculating on the identity of the next Caped Crusader, don’t ask one-time Batman George Clooney what he thinks.

“I’m not sure,” he replies when asked which actor should step into the role. Clooney was taking part in a video interview conducted by Variety with his “Catch-22” co-star Christopher Abbott. The actor infamously played Gotham’s finest in the critically derided “Batman & Robin” in 1997.

“I screwed it up so badly, I’m not allowed to weigh in on those subject matters anymore,” he says.

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One thing from his past Clooney is open to talking about is his days on the long-running medical drama “ER”.

“I’ve been binge-watching ‘ER’,” he says jokingly, while his younger co-star admits he hasn’t seen an episode of the show. But that doesn’t mean Clooney hasn’t seen Abbott’s TV work.

“I actually went back and watched a couple of episodes of Chris on ‘Girls’ and, listen, it’s not fully my cup of tea as a show but that’s probably because I’m a 57-year-old man,” he says.

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“Catch-22” is Clooney’s first return to TV in a regular role since his days as Dr. Doug Ross, noting he sees a bit of himself in Abbott, 33.

“I was exactly your age when ‘ER’ hit,” he tells Abbott. “I’ve recognized a lot of things in Chris that I think are more mature than I had when I was his age, but the one thing where I see real similarity is in the way he can take this in stride and sort of be the captain of the ship. It was a big ship, and he had to be the captain of it. And he did it easily.”

Based on the classic Joseph Heller wartime novel, the “Catch-22” limited series with Clooney and Abbott drops on Hulu on May 17.

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