Rainn Wilson is looking for some recognition from Tesla founder Elon Musk.

The “Office” alum, 53, called out the South African-born inventor after he announced Tesla would be debuting a silent leaf blower.

But as Wilson pointed out, just days prior he suggested that exact idea.

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“Elon Musk,” Wilson wrote on April 19. “Can you make a quiet electric leaf blower?”

And on Tuesday (April 23), Musk made his announcement, “Tesla is going to develop a quiet, electric leaf blower.”

But Wilson wasn’t going to stay quiet, hoping to get some recognition, he tweeted back, “C’mon Musk, give me some credit,” while including a screenshot of fans agreeing.

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Musk, in a cheeky response, simply said, “Nope.”

No word yet on whether silent leaf blowers will actually hit shelves.

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