Ozzy Osbourne may know a thing or two about music, but the 67-year-old artist seems to know very little about how to hide a paper trail.

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According to Us Weekly, a source claims that Sharon found out about her husband’s affair by looking through his emails, discovering that Ozzy had been that hairstylist Michelle Pugh “was one of Ozzy’s mistresses,”; and that he had been supporting Pugh, who worked at the posh Meche Salon in Beverly Hills.

“Sharon found out about the affair by searching through Ozzy’s emails,”; says the insider. “She was upset that he was supporting this woman! She and [daughter] Kelly both called the salon repeatedly for about two weeks before the news broke, trying to get in touch with Michelle. They were really angry. Sharon is the reason Michelle was let go.”

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Sharon addressed her marital woes on “The Talk“; on Tuesday. “I’ve been avoiding looking at any pictures or reading anything,”; she said. “I know what’s going on… I don’t need to read about it and see about it because it’s like putting salt in a wound. So I don’t need to.”;