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In a double eviction which essentially seals the deal on the Pretty Boys’ total domination of this season, Estefania Hoyos and Damien Ketlo are booted back-to-back, leaving the unstoppable foursome just one vote away from reaching the final four completely intact.

For as monotonous as they’ve made this season, you have to tip your hat to Adam Pike, Anthony Douglas, Dane Rupert, and Mark Drelich. These four men formed the Pretty Boys on Night 1 and have controlled every single eviction along the way while somehow miraculously keeping their alliance secret. Does it make riveting television? No. But it’s impressive.

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It’s even more remarkable given that last week it seemed as if cracks were forming in the alliance. Anthony was not pleased about losing his close ally Cory Kennedy, and after some heated group discussions, it looked as if the Pretty Boys were splitting into two factions: Anthony & Mark versus Adam & Dane.

Throughout this week, which saw Adam claim his third Head of Household win of the season, the Pretty Boys thoroughly pulled the wool over the eyes of their fellow houseguests. Adam and Mark continued their sort-of-fake rivalry and used that to trick Este and Damien onto the block, with Adam promising to backdoor Mark should the opportunity arise.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

The opportunity did present itself when Damien won the Power of Veto, basically forcing Adam’s hand. Now the Oil field worker had to put up Mark; otherwise, it’d look majorly suspicious. However, if Mark went up, there was a serious risk he’d be voted out. Thankfully for the Pretty Boys, they found an unlikely savior in Kyra Shenker, who after being lured into a shady final five deal, agreed to vote out Este.

There was one other matter to deal with though, and that was Dane’s relationship with Este. The two have grown super close, and Este had no idea that Dane was working with the boys. The toothless trickster knew she had to go, but didn’t want to lose her potential Jury vote by so blatantly betraying her. At one point he even considered volunteering to go on the block instead of Mark, that way he wouldn’t have to cast a vote.

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In tonight’s episode, we pick up after the Veto Ceremony, where Mark finds himself on the block, and Dane tries to figure out how to handle the Este situation. The ex-hockey pro complicates matters even further by smooching with the 23-year-old student, which is only going to make the inevitable betrayal cut even deeper.

While the initial plan is for Dane to vote with Damien to save Este, thereby creating a tie and forcing Adam to cast the decider, the boys come up with a new approach. To ensure there is no tie, while also allowing Dane to keep his word to Este by being the lone vote to save her, the Pretty Boys decide to pull in Damien with yet another false final five deal.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

The suggestion that Damien would ever trust Mark and vote out Este seems ridiculous, and yet somehow that’s exactly what happens. The Nadleh Whut’en native votes with Anthony and Kyra to eliminate someone that undoubtedly had his back. Meanwhile, Dane gets to stick to his promise and votes to keep Este, though based on her reaction, it isn’t clear if she realizes who voted on her side.

That’s the whole issue with Dane’s plan. Regardless of whether he voted to keep her, that doesn’t change the fact he lied to Este all season, something she begins to realize watching her goodbye messages. Is throwing her a pity vote on her way out the door enough to soften the betrayal? That is the problem when you get that close to someone, particularly on such a deep emotional level.

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Things don’t get any easier for Dane in the second eviction of the night. After pulling out his third HOH win, he once again finds himself in the position of executioner, this time having to go back on his word and nominate his “hockey-bro” Damien. “How did you guys swindle this one?” the Goalie coach says as he hits the block, as if he didn’t just get duped into voting out his closest ally.

Anthony’s clutch Veto win seals Damien’s fate. After his fifth time on the block, the fan-favorite is finally voted out in 3-0 vote. As likable as Damien is as a person, he only really has himself to blame. There were multiple times he walked into Pretty Boys strategy talks and yet never picked up on their secret alliance. And voting against Este just showed that his head wasn’t truly in the game.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Despite stinging from the blindside, Damien can at least be comforted by the rousing reception he receives from the live audience upon leaving the house. He might not have won the game, but he certainly won the hearts of the “BBCAN” fans, and he tells Arisa Cox that he was proud to represent First Nations kids across Canada.

Now we’re down to the final five: Adam, Anthony, Dane, Mark, and Kyra. Can the Pretty Boys make this a clean sweep? Will the fractured pairs use Kyra as a pawn to finally take their shot at one another? Or can Kyra somehow overcome the odds and win out to the end? There are just two weeks left for us to find out!

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