Scarlett Johansson Thinks A Career In Politics Could Be ‘Some Time In The Future’

Scarlett for president? The idea might not be far off.

While running the gauntlet press tour for “Avengers: Endgame”, Scarlett Johansson spoke with Variety and revealed that while a presidential run might not be feasible, “local politics” could be “some time in the future.”

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“I think the greatest way to effect change is in local politics. Maybe at some point in the distant future, I will feel that calling, but I just haven’t,” the actress, 34, says.

As the “Avengers” films wrap, Johansson hopes that this final chapter is “a cathartic experience for people. I hope that it has a bittersweet, satisfying feeling for people.”

The highly anticipated movie runs around three hours. “Bring some almonds,” she suggests to those who feel it is too long.

“I feel like people can handle three hours,” the “Lucy” actress says. “I don’t remember what the running time of ‘Infinity War’ was. It must have been somewhere around-ish the three-hour mark. I found it to be just riveting. It goes by really fast. I think it’s OK. I have faith people can handle it.”

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Johansson appeared on the star-studded purple carpet for the “Avengers: Endgame” world premiere on Monday along with her partner Colin Jost, making it the first time the couple walked a red carpet together.


“I don’t know what to say, I’m extremely overwhelmed,” Johansson emotionally told the fans. “Thank you so much for this past decade of time’s been absolutely life-changing.”

Johnasson’s next Marvel film will be “Black Widow.”



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