Michael Fassbender is getting a history lesson in the first action-packed trailer for “Assassin’s Creed”;.

Based on the popular video game series, the long-awaited movie features Fassbender as Callum Lynch, a death row inmate whose genetic memories are unlocked thanks to the wonders of technology. Due to a program led by Sophia Rikkin (Marion Cotillard), Lynch is able to access the memories of his ancestor, Aguilar, an assassin from 15th century Spain only to discover that he is part of an ancient clan of assassins. His trip down memory lane imbues Lynch with the knowledge and skills he needs to take on the oppressive Templar society in present day.

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Though the film is heavily based on the video game series, it promises to move in new directions that haven’t been explored in the game, namely the historical Spanish setting.

The first trailer for the movie mixes history and sci-fi with all the parkour-style action you could want from the Spanish Inquisition, with Fassbender playing dual roles as the 15th century Aguilar and present-day Lynch. French video game developer Ubisoft is heavily involved in the film, forming their own production company to help see “Assassin’s Creed”; transition from the gaming world to Hollywood.

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This is definitely a different film than the last time Fassbender and Cotillard were on screen together. The actors appeared as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in last year’s “Macbeth”;, directed by Justin Kurzel who also helms “Assassin’s Creed”;.