George Clooney has a plan to make sure justice is administered fairly around the world.

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The actor, along with his wife Amal Clooney, have partnered with Microsoft through the Clooney Foundation for Justice on a new app to track criminal justice, Digital Trends reported.

TrialWatch is designed to help trained volunteers track and document trials that pose a risk of violating human rights of marginalized groups and people.

“A large number of countries allow women and girls to be prosecuted for abortion,” George told the audience during an event at Columbia University on Thursday. “In some countries, you can be imprisoned or killed for who you love.”RELATED: George Clooney Says He Can’t Weigh In On The Next Batman Because He ‘Screwed It Up So Badly’Amal added, “Without the fair administration of justice, it is not possible to hold the powers that be to account. There can be no democracy, no freedom of speech, no safety for minorities. That’s why we are today launching TrialWatch. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”