Dr. Ruth Says ‘Fifty Shades’ Can Help Couples In The Bedroom, Reveals Her Best Sex Tips

Dr. Ruth Westheimer definitely knows a few things about sex.

In a new interview, the 90-year-old, whose story is the subject of the new documentary “Ask Dr. Ruth”, hands out her bedroom tips and tricks.

She tells People, “I read all three volumes of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Erotic literature doesn’t have to be great literature. Use it to spin off your own ideas. If it serves to help put your worries aside and put you in the mood, use it.”

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Handing out some advice to couples, Westheimer continues: “Put down the screen and get to know each other. Good sex is not just about what’s between the waist and the knees. It’s mainly in the brain. Laughter is also an important ingredient because it frees up the mind.”

The American-German media personality goes on: “Use fantasy because it permits variety and helps couples avoid boredom.

“But don’t put your next-door neighbour in your fantasy because that could become a reality! The grass is not always greener on the other lawn.”

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“Ask Dr. Ruth” hits theatres May 3.

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