Charlize Theron was clearly not happy with the behaviour of a French TV host when he planted a kiss on her unsuspecting interpreter without invitation.

During the awkward interview on French talk show “Touche Pas A Mon Poste”, reports the Daily Mail, host Cyril Hanouna strolled over to Theron’s French interpreter, identified as Nadia, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

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As the interpreter visibly recoiled, the expression on Theron’s face immediately registered her annoyance with the host.

“Maybe ask next time?” Theron blurted out at Hanouna.

“Yes!” echoed Seth Rogen, also appearing on the show to promote their upcoming rom-com “Long Shot”.

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For French TV viewers, this marks the latest scandal surrounding Hanouna, who faced allegations he permitted a sexual assault during a live broadcast when a panellist kissed a woman’s breast without invitation, and was also accused of homophobia when he played a humiliating joke on some gay men during another live TV appearance.

Many who watched Hanouna’s exchange with Theron applauded her outrage and slammed the host for his outrageous behaviour.

“@Cyrilhanouna kissed a girl, @CharlizeAfrica underlined that the girl didn’t give her prior consent and all he does is asking the girl if she was titillated (;emoustillee’),” wrote one viewer on Twitter. “No, she was disgusted, objectified and infantilized on TV by you, stupid clown.”

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Meanwhile, Rogen and Theron will be seen in “Long Shot”, which debuts in theatres May 3.