Moby Recalls The Moment He Was Allegedly ‘Pushed Up Against The Wall And Screamed At’ By Russell Crowe

In Moby’s explosive new memoir Then It Fell Apart, the musician claimed that Russell Crowe once pushed him up against a wall and screamed at him in a bathroom.

According to  The New York Post, Moby revealed how his constant drinking and partying eventually became disastrous.

Writing about the Crowe incident, Moby reportedly explained how he found himself in a bathroom with the actor during a night out with Ewan McGregor.

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Moby alleges, “He zipped up his pants and then pushed me against the wall of the bathroom and started screaming at me.”

He continued, “‘Uh, we’ve never met,’ I tried to say. ‘Why are you yelling at me?’”

Moby then reveals how Crowe allegedly continued yelling with him pinned up against the wall for a minute or so, before he “lost interest, cursed a few times, and stumbled out of the bathroom.”

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McGregor reportedly told him of the incident: “I wouldn’t worry about it. He yells at everyone.”

ET Canada has contacted Crowe’s rep for comment.

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