Taylor Swift had no intention of adopting another cat until she rolled onto the set of her latest music video.

Swift and Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie recently collaborated on Swift’s new single “ME!”. The collaborators dished on the behind-the-scenes of the song during an Instagram Live session Friday on Swift’s Instagram account.

Swift and Urie took a break from rehearsing for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and stole a golf cart for the Instagram Live sesh. “It’s overwhelming how much feedback we have gotten. All of the positivity and love,” Urie said. “It’s special to us.”

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The two then reflected on how the song came together. After agreeing to collaborate, Urie visited Swift’s studio to work on the track. Unfortunately, he was suffering a 105-degree fever and his voice was totally shot following a New York concert.

“He comes in with a sick, sick voice,” Swift explained, imitating Urie’s lost voice. Suddenly, Urie came “in with this amazing melody for the bridge.”

The two also touched on how difficult it was having Swift’s cats cooperate for a scene in the official music video. “One of my favourite parts of the whole music video, when we were having a fight in French,” Swift said. “We were on set and we were trying to get the cats sitting on the couch. We couldn’t do it.”

“We’re putting treats out, we’re petting them,” she continued. “All of a sudden we’re rolling and director Dave Meyers stepped behind the camera and said ‘meow,’ and the cats cooperated.”

Swift also dished on her fateful meeting with a new kitten. A kitten was brought in for one of the visuals’ scenes. The feline was brought by an organization that uses homeless kittens for commercials and videos to help them get adopted.

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Swift held the kitten in an effort to get little furball acquainted. It was love and first purr.  “Oh my gosh, it worked,” Swift exclaimed. “I fell in love.” Urie chimed in, “It was truly love at first sight.” The songstress opted to adopt the kitten right there and then and has since named it Benjamin Button.

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This is how he prefers to travel.

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This is Benjamin Button. He’s a good boy.

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Swift previously dished on her collaboration with Urie in an interview with Apple Music. “I’ve been a fan of his since the early Panic! At the Disco stuff,” she shared. “It’s so exciting getting to make a song and video with someone who is that committed as a performer.  It just made it so much more playful and wild and mischievous having someone who is that excited about making music.”

The “ME!” collaborators will kick-off the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on May 1 with the first-ever live performance of the song.