Police In Australia Warn People Not To Call Them Over ‘Game Of Thrones’

With the biggest battle to ever grace “Game Of Thrones” tonight, police in Australia are reminding the locals that there is nothing they can do.

The Battle Of Winterfell that has been built up since Season One is sure to see some fan favourites die off because that is just what the show is known for, but the Queensland Police want to make sure people know that Winterfell “is not in [their] jurisdiction.”

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While you think that calling a police department over a fictional show might seem like a laughable idea, people have called 911 for far less.

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Last year Ontario’s Peel Regional Police launched a campaign with numerous real-life cases of people calling in. It included one person who called from a laundromat because the washer and dryer weren’t working, a woman who was angry because the pizza she ordered was taking too long, and a boy who was upset that his parent’s served him a salad.

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