K.D. Lang Says Radio Refused To Play Her Songs After Coming Out

Grammy-winning artist k.d. lang says she faced prejudice in the music industry after coming out as gay in the early 90s.

The Canadian singer-songwriter told MOJO magazine that after coming out publically in 1992, radio stations refused to play her music and she was never properly embraced, especially in country music circles.

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“There was prejudice against my sexuality for sure,” lang told MOJO (via PinkNews). “And resistance. I never got played on the radio. I still don’t get played on the radio, but now it’s musical, and back then I’d say it was more about my sexuality.”

The “Constant Craving” singer described herself as an “anomaly” that was “used to modernize country” but was never “fully embraced.”

“Though in fairness I didn’t want to be embraced by the world,” she said. “I loved being a freak of nature in this really traditional world.”

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Lang also talked about working with PETA for their controversial “Meat Stinks” campaign which saw her music banned by many country radio stations across America.

“There were bomb threats to my record company in the States. They would drive tractors to block the entrances of shows. Two years later I came out, and in some ways, like you light a fire to put out a fire it extinguished the flames.

But coming out was a positive experience to me, I mean publicly. I came out to my mum in my early-mid teens. And all my record company people at Sire were gay pretty much.”

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