Joan Collins is opening up the real story behind why she didn’t end up getting the role of Cleopatra in the 1963 classic.

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In a new interview that aired on “CBS Sunday Morning” over the weekend, the 85-year-old actress explained that part of the reason the role ended up going to Elizabeth Taylor was that she had walked away after being sexually propositioned by a studio executive.

“This was the casting couch,” Collins said. “He was head of the studio, and he said, ‘I can put you up in a nice little apartment, and I’ll come and visit you. And you’ll not only get all the best roles at Fox, but we’ll see that you get ‘Cleopatra’.

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Collins rejected the executive’s advances, though.

“I was never ever, ever, going to settle for giving my body to some old man for a role – or even young man, or anybody,” she said. “I would never do that, ever, ever.”

Collins would go on to star as the lead, Alexis Carrington, in the 1980s TV series “Dynasty”.