Dr. Phil McGraw recently shared his feelings on the college bribery scandal: “They aren’t buying their kids an education, it isn’t even about the education.

“It’s about bragging rights. They don’t want to be the one parent saying ‘Yeah, well, my kid is going to Slippery Rock,'” Dr. Phil told People.

The admissions scandal saw 50 people, including celebs Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, charged with a conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and honest services mail and wire fraud as they bribed their children’s way into elite schools.

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Upon catching word of Dr. Phil’s comments, SRU president Bill Behre responded with a cheeky statement on Facebook.

“We suspect that you didn’t mean that as a compliment, but we take it as one anyway,” the statement read in part.

“As a graduate of Midwestern State College and the University of North Texas, Dr. Phil, you know that choosing a regional public school is anything but a hollow search for bragging rights at a reception after the Country Club’s Memorial Day Golf Outing,” it added. “For less than the price tag of you lovely ’57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible, Slippery Rock University students can secure an education that will change the trajectory of their lives.”

The doctor, who helps those who visit his TV show “get real”, issued a statement apologizing to the school. “It was from ignorance, not intention, that I made the comment, as I was unaware of your school and intended to use a fictitious example. One hundred per cent my mistake. I have since educated myself about SRU and could not be more impressed with your fine institution,” he said.

“Slippery Rock University certainly deserves no slight from me or anyone else, intended or otherwise. I wish SRU nothing but the best.”

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Behre seems to have accepted his apology but one quick glance at the comments section shows many angry alums who aren’t buying it.