Cosby Family Reunion on ‘Guys With Kids’

The Cosby Show was one of the most iconic television shows of the 20th century. The trials and tribulations of Cliff and Claire Huxtable and their five children kept us laughing every week until the show wrapped in 1992. Now, more than 20 years later, two of the “Cosby Kids,” Keshia Knight Pulliam and Tempest Bledsoe are reuniting – playing sisters once again on tomorrow night’s episode of Tempest’s sitcom, Guys With Kids.

The premise of the episode sees Tempest’s character Marny’s irresponsible sister Bridget come for a visit. “We’ve set it up that I have a sister that’s a little pompous and a little full of herself and hasn’t really gotten herself together,” explains Tempest. “When people see it, of course there’s the nostalgic  ‘oh there’s Rudy and Vanessa,'” says Keshia. “But I feel like they’ll really see Bridget and Marny.”

This will be the first time the ladies are sharing the screen together in years but they’ve kept in touch since the curtain fell on The Cosby Show and it’s obvious the actresses are still close. “I don’t have any sisters,” explains Keshia. “I have three younger brothers so Tempest has always been my big sister.” Likewise, Tempest still considers Keshia her little sister although she’s not so little anymore. “Watching her grow up to be this beautiful, sexy young woman has just been unbelievable,” explains Tempest. “I’m just so proud of her.”

Tempest and Keshia had such a great time working together again they’re hoping Bridget makes a return to Guys With Kids. A Cosby Show reunion, however, looks less likely. “Mr. Cosby has always said that’s not something he’s interested in doing,” explains Keshia. “I know it’s something the fans would love to see but right now I’m just enjoying working with my big sister again!”

Catch the Cosby reunion on Guys With Kids on Global Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT!



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