Seth Rogen paid a visit to “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Tuesday to promote his new rom-com “Long Shot”, in which he co-stars with Charlize Theron.

During the conversation Rogen discussed another high-profile role, providing the voice of warthog Pumba in Disney’s upcoming live-action reboot of “The Lion King”.

In the film, Rogen teams with fellow funnyman Billy Eichner as Pumba’s meerkat pal Timon, which led Rogen to appear in Eichner’s “Billy on the Street” series.

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Describing his “Billy on the Street” appearance as “honestly one of the most messed-up things I’ve ever done,” Rogen admitted the experience “actually emotionally messed me up for around three weeks.”

The premise: Eichner tells New York pedestrians that Rogen has died in order to gage their responses, with Rogen (disguised as a cameraman) revealing that he’s actually alive.

“Ninety per cent of the people did not give a s**t!” declared Rogen of New Yorkers’ responses to his apparent demise. “And the other 10 were kinda psyched about it.”

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Discussing his mother’s reaction to the “Billy on the Street” bit, Rogen told Meyers that “my mom did not care for it,” and she let her opinion be known by tweeting directly to Billy Eichner.

However, Rogen says that even though his mom was not happy with the bit, “even she had to admit it was funny, though.”

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Fans will be seeing more of Rogen when “Long Shot” comes to theatres on Friday, May 3.

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