Charlize Theron Says She Was Trolled By Rihanna Via A T-Shirt

Charlize Theron just wants her publicist to love her as much as she loves Rihanna.

The “Long Shot” actress appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Wednesday where she explained how the “Work” singer is currently winning the battle for the affections of their shared publicist.

“I honestly, sincerely always thought she really loved me,” Theron said of her publicist, Amanda Silverman. “For my birthday she always sends me a little text, and she was just like ‘happiest bday’… she just wrote ‘bday.'”

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It came as a surprise then when Rihanna sent Theron a specially made T-shirt in the mail which displayed a much more enthusiastic greeting than the one she received from Silverman on her birthday.

“The message was literally like… ‘to my most favourite client ever,'” the “Tully” star recalled. The shirt also included Rihanna’s reply which informed her publicist that she was going to print the message and send it to Theron.

“I don’t think Amanda ever thought that was going to happen,” Theron laughed. “I mean, [Rihanna] took the time to get her assistant to make me a T-shirt, that is really cool.”

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Theron also chatted about her new comedy movie “Long Shot” in which she stars alongside Seth Rogen. The Oscar-winning actress admitted that she sang in the film but that her singing was so bad the scene was cut.

“You sang so bad, it couldn’t be in a comedy?” Meyers quipped.

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Speaking of comedies, Theron also revealed that the film “Borat” landed her in hospital for five days due to excessive laughter. She explained that she had a herniated disc at the time, but seeing the Sacha Baron Cohen movie tipped her over the edge.

“A few of us went to go and see Borat and half way through that movie I laughed so hard that my neck locked up,” she said. “And, like, an ambulance had to take me to the hospital. And I was in the hospital for five days.”

“I can’t believe they haven’t put that on the poster,” Meyers responded. “I mean that is the highest praise you could ever give a movie.”

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