Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron are heating up the big screen this weekend in “Long Shot”, but can they handle the heat of a spicy chicken wing?

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In a new special video from the YouTube series Hot Ones, the “Long Shot” stars play a game of “Truth or Dab”, in which they take turns either answering tough personal questions, or opting to eat a spicy wing instead.

Among the revelations in the video are the fact that Rogen has paid around $1,000 for shoes, and that the most uncomfortable thing for Theron to do on-screen is sing.

Meanwhile, met with questions about a rumoured unreleased hip-hop album he may have produced, Rogen opts to eat a chicken wing.

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Several minutes and a few chicken wings into the video, Theron has trouble even hearing the questions.

After a question about which director she had the least fun working with, Theron says, “You f**king a**holes,” before downing yet another wing.