Seth Rogen And Charlize Theron Play ‘Truth Or Dab’ With Spicy Chicken Wings

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron are heating up the big screen this weekend in “Long Shot”, but can they handle the heat of a spicy chicken wing?

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In a new special video from the YouTube series Hot Ones, the “Long Shot” stars play a game of “Truth or Dab”, in which they take turns either answering tough personal questions, or opting to eat a spicy wing instead.

Among the revelations in the video are the fact that Rogen has paid around $1,000 for shoes, and that the most uncomfortable thing for Theron to do on-screen is sing.

Meanwhile, met with questions about a rumoured unreleased hip-hop album he may have produced, Rogen opts to eat a chicken wing.

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Several minutes and a few chicken wings into the video, Theron has trouble even hearing the questions.

After a question about which director she had the least fun working with, Theron says, “You f**king a**holes,” before downing yet another wing.

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