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Mark Drelich becomes the first member of the Pretty Boys alliance to fall as the 29-year-old Travel guide is sent packing in a 2-0 vote just one week before the season finale.

It was almost the greatest feat in “BBCAN” history: the seemingly unstoppable Pretty Boys alliance was one eviction away from making the final four completely intact. But their reign of dominance hit an unexpected speedbump on the home stretch thanks to a surprising Head of Household win by Kyra Shenker, the last remaining outlier in the Pretty Boys’ masterplan.

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Adam Pike, Anthony Douglas, Dane Rupert, and Mark have faced a lot of criticism for the way they’ve suffocated this season of “BBCAN.” The group’s continued control over the house has often made for predictable eviction outcomes. That said, what these four men accomplished as a unit is undeniably impressive, and their downfall this week has been fascinating to watch.

While the Pretty Boys had flirted with turning on one another in the past, when push came to shove, the group always stuck to their word — the aim was to battle it out at the final four. That showdown came a week earlier than they anticipated when Kyra snatched the HOH crown, leaving the rattled Pretty Boys with nowhere to turn but towards each other.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

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The way this week played out demonstrated why this alliance has ruled the “BBCAN” kingdom. At various points in the week, Adam, Anthony, and Dane showed off their incredible knack for this game whether it was Anthony using his powers of persuasion to get Adam & Dane nominated, or Adam beasting his way to another Veto win, or the cunning flip Dane managed to pull off in tonight’s episode.

The Pretty Boys essentially went through the seven stages of grief in a week. There was the initial disbelief and denial (“Maybe there will be a Secret Assassin that can vote out the HOH.”) — followed by feelings of guilt for taking out Damien Ketlo instead of Kyra. Then came the anger as Anthony and Adam shouted accusations back and forth… only for the slanging match to abruptly stop with a hug and shared sentiments of love.

Eventually, the four men accepted their fate; they knew one of them had to go and yet were able to reflect on everything they’d achieved. It was going to suck not to make it to final four together, but there was still hope, that one of the Pretty Boys was going to go on to win the season and represent what is undoubtedly the most dominant alliance in “BBCAN” history.

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Dane best exemplifies that hope in tonight’s episode. With Adam taking himself off the block with the Veto, the game seems to be over for the toothless hockey bro. Dane was Kyra’s target from the beginning, and it seems unlikely that Anthony would vote against Mark, the person he has grown closest to within the Pretty Boys alliance.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global — Global

However, Dane refuses to go down without a fight. He starts by turning on the crocodile tears which works in earning him sympathy while also making him look to be a defeated man. Not wanting to give Kyra the “satisfication” (a Dane word) of breaking a tie to send him home, Dane puts in work to get Anthony’s vote. “I’ve gotta convince the best convincer in the house,” he says.

Dane’s talk with Anthony is a masterclass in manipulation, appealing to the godfather of the Pretty Boys on both an emotional and logical level. Dane says that while both of them can beat Adam in a physical comp, only he can outdo him in a mental battle. That is when Dane unveils his secret weapon – a calendar made from cereal which he’s been using to track when certain events happened in the house!

Anthony, who usually has a lot to say, is almost lost for words after his conversation with Dane. It certainly gives him a lot to consider and Mark doesn’t make things any easier for himself when he stupidly tells Anthony that he’d vote for Adam over him in the Final 2. Mark has always been the weakest player within the Pretty Boys and his overconfidence really shot him in the foot this week.

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After a heart to heart with Dane, Anthony decides he wants to keep him, he says it has nothing to do with his makeshift calendar and is all to do with a promise they made on day two to be “ride or die” to the end. Not wanting to blindside Kyra, Anthony uses his Jedi mind tricks to make them think that taking out Mark is their idea.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Despite some last minute scrambling when he realizes he’s more in danger than he initially thought, Mark is unable to rally and sees his game come to an end in a 2-0 vote. On his way out the door, the first Pretty Boys casualty throws Dane under the bus, telling Adam that it was his idea to backdoor Samantha Picco during Cory Kennedy’s HOH week.

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“I did it for Canada,” Mark tells host Arisa Cox when she asks why he decided to do Dane dirty. He also admits that he should have campaigned more to Adam this week and that he regrets not trying to backdoor the comp beast during his HOH reign. When it comes to who he’s rooting for, he says that Anthony still has his vote, even though he just booted him out.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

It’s just a week away from the season finale, and if this past week is anything to go by, we should be in for an intense back-and-forth battle to the end.

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