The Oscar-winning film “Green Book” wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Many felt that the film upheld the “white saviour” storyline. But producer Jonathan King says that was the target audience they were aiming for.

“The audience for that kind of movie is largely older and largely white,” said King, at a panel about diversity and inclusion. “If you believe that older white people don’t need to be told to be less racist anymore because that’s an issue from the past, look around. Because they do.”

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He added, “Occasionally you need to make a movie that is directed at older white people.”

One of the people who were not happy about the win was Spike Lee, whose film “BlacKkKlansman” lost Best Picture.

“Are we going to get criticism because the director happens to be a white guy? Maybe,” King said. “No director would represent the lives and lived experiences of those two main characters, because they were coming from completely different points of view.”

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He also revealed that “many companies did not want to finance that movie” because they didn’t think it would be an international success says The Wrap.

Although Katie McGrath, Bad Robot CEO, was also on the panel and disagreed with King’s views.

“Those stories have to be told as long as we’re also telling stories of the protagonist of colour,” she said. “We need to make space in our industry for stories that center for the people who haven’t had the opportunity to have their perspective drive the narrative.”