The Cannes Film Festival is the place to be if you’re an actor, director or producer seeking attention for a new film project, but apparently the famed film fest is not so welcoming to babies.

That’s what Canadian producer Lauren Grant found out the hard way when she was reportedly turned away when attempting to enter the Canadian Pavilion within the festival while accompanied by her nine-month-old baby.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter”;, Grant went to pick up her badge for the Cannes film market while holding her infant, and was stunned when she was told she couldn’t bring her baby inside the registration office.

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Adding insult to injury, Grant was then informed her baby was not permitted entry in the Canadian Pavilion, where she had planned to hold meetings, due to increased security measures put into place following last November’s terror attacks on Paris.

“A woman said the rule was no one under 18,”; Grant told “THR”;. “I know the festival is trying to be better with women. This is not OK. I had to do my meetings in the Pavilion and then breastfeed on a bench outside of security.”;

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Grant added: “This is the thing: If I’m a woman with a child, should I not have come to Cannes and and tried to find financing for my movies and delayed those films for a year because I couldn’t feed my baby? That actually makes no sense.”;

Furthermore, Grant finds it “very hard to buy that my baby is a security risk. She’s able to travel on a plane with me, and has a passport. She goes through security. I’m totally comfortable to show her I.D. or pre-register her… There’s lots of women who are here working who have babies and trying to make it work. The market and festival shouldn’t make it harder.”;

Ultimately, the baby was provided with a badge. In a statement to “THR”;, the festival’s Jerome Paillard said that he made an exception, although reminded that the Marche’s Conditions of Registration specifically state: “Badges will not be issued to minors (under 18 years old).”;