Joe and Anthony Russo would never want to get inside one of the superhero costumes featured in “Avengers: Endgame”.

The director brothers are on the new episode of “The IMDb Show” and are asked whether they have ever tried on one of those superhero suits.

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“You know what? No. I would never try on any of that,” Joe says. “They’re sweaty and stinky. Honestly, a decade of making these movies has been about perfecting those suits so that those actors aren’t suffering for hours on end.”

Joe continues, recalling a particular story from the set of “Captain America: Civil War”.

“We’re shooting in 110-degree heat on ‘Civil War’, and we had Paul Bettany suspended from wires in his full vision suit,” he says. “We would literally have to put him up for like two minutes, roll cameras, get him down, you know, pour buckets of cold water on him. I mean, he’s just like sweating to death, and he was on the wires and he moved his arm and the seam split on the suit, and water and sweat just starting shooting out of his suit.”

Anthony adds, “He was pouring sweat!”

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While as directors the Russos may not get too many perks, they do point out star Robert Downey Jr. got some pretty impressive perks on the set.

“Downey has a base camp to himself – and by base camp, I mean that it’s where the actors go to relax,” Joe says. “Robert has about seven trailers.”

Anthony explains, “Imagine the old school like when a Sheik crosses the desert and like the whole palace is inside the tent – that’s basically it.”

“That’s what it was,” Joe continues. “He had a dining area in the middle of it and he would host lunch every day, and we would go sit with Robert.”