Winnie-The-Pooh Voice Actor Jim Cummings Speaks Out After Being Accused Of Rape And Animal Abuse By Ex-Wife

Jim Cummings, the longtime voice of Winnie-the-Pooh, is facing allegations of abuse, rape, animal cruelty and more.

The actor is currently engaged in a court battle with his ex-wife Stephanie Cummings over alleged abuse that occurred between 2011 and 2018 after their divorce, The Blast reports.

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In documents filed by Stephanie, she has claimed that her ex-husband “has engaged in physical, sexual and emotional abuse including but not limited to death threats, rape, and various sexual deviant behaviour forced upon me without my consent.”

She also says that she has obtained two restraining orders against Jim over the seven-year period. In one incident, Stephanie describes Jim slapping her buttocks and forcing himself on her in front of their daughter Gracie, who was 4 at the time.

“He later came up behind me,” she says, “grabbed my arm, spun me around, and forcefully put his hand on the back of my neck and kissed me while holding me in place against the wall.”

In response, Jim wrote an email to Stephanie, “Shame on you, you’re [sic] distortions are obscene. ‘forcing’? Please, everyone, Gracie, myself and especially YOU were all giggling and laughing, it was pleasant to have one moment of light-heartedness. We both erupted into laughter…I’m hardly the first person in the world to point out one ‘catches more flys [sic] with honey than vinegar’ for you to overlay a reference to being a whore is little too telling, Let’s get this over with for the love of God.”

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Stephanie also detailed an incident in which Jim allegedly punished their dog for urinating in the house by putting it “inside a metal bucket outside of the house on a day which it was over 100 degrees, then left it there for a long time… the dog came close to dying.”

Jim responded, “There was an incident where I put a ‘tub’ (not a metal bucket) over a dog to isolate it briefly as a form of discipline to its behaviour at our vet’s suggestion, and unfortunately I forgot the dog was there for a while, but then, of course, I released it.”

Jim has since spoken out about fame, fatherhood and falsehoods via a press release obtained by ET Canada.

He shared, “I think that being a father and showing my daughters what a good and true man looks and acts like is a bulwark for them against any potential, future bad choices. I rely upon my faith to guide me accordingly.

“I’ve always loved just being a daddy and providing a level of love, comfort and security for my girls. Seeing your children grow and witnessing their achievements along the way are milestones in a life well lived according to a divine plan. With my two younger daughters, I have been a single father for most of their lives.

“These last few years, I have been blessed with a magnificent woman in my life and enjoying custody of my girls is such a blessing. The beauty of going forward with yours, mine and ours is a wonderful thing. I am a modern dad, brave enough to weather life’s storms with grace, dignity, laughter and love. Oh, and by the way, on the subject of truth and lies, I teach my children that the truth will prevail. And it will.”

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