Jon Lovett Questions ‘Avengers: Endgame”s Claim Of Their ‘First Openly Gay Character’ In Hilarious Monologue

Jon Lovett is calling out Marvel and the Russo brothers.

In a monologue before the taping of Crooked Media’s “Lovett or Leave It” podcast, Lovett question the “Avengers: Endgame” directors Anthony Russo and Joseph V. Russo claim that the new flick had its “first openly gay character in a Marvel Movie.”

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According to the Russo brothers, “representation is really important to us in these movies,” but when Lovett saw the film he discovered that “this insignificant, unremarkable, basically nameless character is the first openly gay character in a Marvel movie because he went on same-sex a date, offscreen.”

“Who was gay you ask?” Lovett asked in his monologue. “Did Thor grab a hammer? Did Iron Man man some iron? Did Hawkeye catch some arrow? Did Loki finally stop being so low key? Did Carol Danvers get to LEZZ OUT like she SO CLEARLY was supposed to do in ‘Captain Marvel’ but they were too chickens**t? No.”

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He continued, “To me, this first openly gay character in a Marvel movie is a sign of just how far we have to go, how cowardly corporations can be.”

Watch Lovett’s full speech above.

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